Unity Accord Forged at Annual Salmon Homecoming Forum

SEATTLE – The theme of the 16th Annual Salmon Homecoming Ceremony, "The Drum Beats for Everyone" led to the development of a Unity Accord on the environment that connected people from all walks of life in the pursuit of stewardship.

American Indians joined with African, Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian and other Americans to craft a "Unity Accord" on the environment at the Salmon Homecoming Forum on Thursday, 9/11. The accord, signed by hundreds of concerned citizens, will be distributed to the president and Congress as well as the governor, the legislature, local and tribal governments and agencies and institutes of all kinds.

The common message conveyed, by consensus, by all participants in the forum was characterized by Salmon Homecoming President Gerald "G.I." James. "It’s time to prioritize the environment and protection of mother Earth over war and non-sustainable economic pursuits. It’s time to pursue an economy that respects the fragility of our natural resources so we’re considering the welfare of our children, seven generations and more into the future."

By joining efforts across all ethic and vocational lines, the signatories hope to be heard, and they plan to follow through to see that they are. (Unity Accord is attached).

"A muti-ethnic color guard, a tribal honor song and other activities commemorated 9/11 at our reception in a way that reached out to everyone with a message of peace and a commitment to restore the salmon," said James.

From Friday through Sunday, Waterfront Park, next to the Aquarium, came alive with tribal and multi-cultural celebration ranging from Canoe protocols and storytelling to carving and a pow wow, all under this year’s Salmon Homecoming theme, ""the drum beats for everyone."

"It’s our way of thanking the Creator for the gifts he has provided, helping people understand the tribes better, and make a stand for the world that sustains us," said James.


Steve Robinson, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, 360-528-4347, cell 360-951-2494, srobinson@nwifc.org