Unity Accord

Image of 2017 Salmon Homecoming Event PosterWe, the members of diverse communities and citizens of the world, embrace one another in the critically important effort to protect and restore the environment that sustains plants, fish, wildlife, and people. Our families, our children, and generations to come are interdependent with natural resources that are in jeopardy.

Pollution, climate change, overpopulation, overzealous development, and war destroy and degrade habitat required by salmon and by all forms of life. We acknowledge that the quality of our lives and the sustainability of our economies are connected with and dependent upon a healthy environment.

We the people who hail from near and far pledge to work with local, state, federal, and tribal governments and institutions to resolve these challenges in a way that achieves environmental and social justice for all, so that all share equally in the burdens of pollution and the benefits of healthy ecosystems.

We hereby commit ourselves to action in support of sustainability education through programs such as E3 Washington, a networking and strategic action initiative linking education, environment, and economy. We commit ourselves to: reducing our individual carbon footprint; more judiciously using water, energy, and other resources; promoting clean industry and energy; minimizing pollution; and coordinating political action needed to effect real change in stewardship.

We stand together facing unprecedented environmental, social, and economic crises. We embrace solidarity and pledge to unite with people of all communities and cultures to bring about sustainable solutions and a healthy quality of life. This is our commitment. This is our pledge. The drum does beat for everyone. We invite you to sign and stand with us.

– September 11, 2008

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