Details for Canoe Families   

Welcome to our 2023 Salmon Homecoming Celebration!   

Canoe Registration
We are very happy you are interested in participating in our Salmon Homecoming Celebration.  If you have participated in the past, please note that we now require each individual canoe to register online to participate. This is for everyone’s safety and helps us be better prepared. Your online registration will immediately go to Gail Morris and Sadie Whitener.

We do what we can to help with travel expenses.  This year we will be offering an honorarium to the first ten individual canoes and canoe families participating. Registration needs to be submitted by September 9th. We hope to be able to provide meals for participants, Canoe skippers, pullers, and essential ground crew (typically one or two ground crew who have registered online). We regret that we cannot provide meals for canoe family members who may attend the Salmon Homecoming Celebration, but do not register and participate in these activities.

We invite canoes to arrive at Pier 62 at 12:00 Noon Saturday. Let’s share our beautiful culture with everyone!

We are planning to start the Canoe Welcoming Ceremony at Noon, Saturday, September 23rd. Please plan to be at the boat ramp early enough for a 40-minute pull in good weather.  As usual, canoes will start from Don Armeni Boat Ramp and paddle to Pier 62, located just north of the Seattle Aquarium. After the welcoming, canoes will be able to tie up at the pier or be given additional instructions.  You can contact us at


Cultural Demonstrator Registration
Registration is necessary, to enable effective time management, but is also free for those who are not selling art for their primary purpose. The Salmon Homecoming Board requests authentic art and performers only.

For general information about the event, please check out our website or our Facebook page.  You may  contact us at