2017 Salmon Homecoming Poster
2017 Salmon Homecoming Poster – Click to Download

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters for helping to create a successful 25th Anniversary Event!  We could not have done it without you!!  More than 1200 students participated in the School Days activities.  The weather cooperated and thousands enjoyed a great day watching and participating in our pow wow, checking out the arts and crafts vendors, enjoying a delicious salmon dinner, and watching fifteen coastal canoes arrive on the shores of Seattle.soon!

Salmon Homecoming is all about the people of the Pacific Northwest, whoever they are and whatever they do. That means we’re here for you, because your health, spirit and even your sustainable economy is most certainly about the salmon.

Want to volunteer? Fill out our volunteer form or contact Salmon Homecoming Coordinator, Linda James-Laville, by phone at (206) 999-0532 or email shcacoordinator (a) gmail (dot) com .

The Salmon Homecoming Alliance is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit foundation, established to organize, plan, develop and facilitate programs and events associated with Salmon Homecoming. Board members represent a variety of governments, associations, foundations and industries. Our objectives are to provide opportunities for tribal and non-tribal communities to come together in a positive atmosphere, learn from one another, and explore ways to support cooperative spirit in salmon restoration and protection.

Photo by Jon Rowley
Photo by Jon Rowley

We are happy to continue the tradition by celebrating the annual Salmon Homecoming ceremony. The celebrations have always included cultural presentations, such as Northwest traditional gatherings, Pow Wows and Cedar Canoe events. We’ve sponsored environmental fairs, educational outreach activities, salmon bakes and even salmon runs. We present “Seventh Generation Legacy Awards” every year to people who have made important contributions to natural resources and Indian/non-Indian relations. We have accomplished much, but our Salmon Story has just begun.

“Salmon are the measuring stick of well-being in the Pacific Northwest.”
-Billy Frank, Jr., longtime Chairman of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission



We are honored to be on the ancestral homeland and waters of the First People of the Salish Sea.  Thank you Coast Salish for allowing us all to call this beautiful place home.